International Energy Conservation®
"Energy Conservation Saves More Than Energy"
Welcome to International Energy Conservation. We are a Nevada company whose
primary thrust is demand side energy conservation, with an emphasis on the financial
aspects as well as energy efficiency technology that is scalable, automatic and
transparent. IEC has worked with the U.S. Department of Energy ("DOE") Rebuild America
Program, the Nevada Legislature, the State Office of Energy, the Nevada Governor's Task
Force on Energy Conservation, as well as with the Energy Conservation Programs at NV
Energy and the Nevada DSM Collaborative. We are committed to ISO14001, the National
Climate Change Initiative and the President’s Clear Skies Policy. The benefits of saving
energy are realized worldwide, and we are here to help conserve energy, reduce costs,
and increase equipment service life.
                               OUR MISSION
To promote the national effort toward a stronger economy, a
cleaner environment, and a more secure future by promoting
Energy Demand Side Reduction, while helping our clients to
decrease operating costs by reducing energy usage.
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Our main office is headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada. We can be reached at
the address and phone numbers listed below. E-mail is also provided for your
benefit. So for further information on our products and services or to speak
with a representative please contact us in any fashion listed below or use one
of our many feedback forms throughout the site. We look forward to working
with you and serving your company's needs.
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8430 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite #100
Las Vegas NV, 89128
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Energy Efficiency as a Resource:
The cleanest and least expensive
energy resource
Legislative Advocacy—IEC worked to secure passage
of legislation to promote energy efficiency as a resource.  
In 2005,

Nevada Governor Guinn signed Special Session AB-3.

AB-3--Inserted Energy Efficiency as a component of the
energy Portfolio Standard in Nevada
Provided tax abatements for companies that achieved
measurable energy efficiency standards as defined by
LEED (United States Green Building Council)
Established energy efficiency standards for State
Buildings mandating a 20% reduction in energy usage by
Nevada Gov Guinn signs AB-3----Energy
Conservation-Green Energy Omnibus Bill
In attendance: PUCN Chairman Don Soderberg, IEC
President Robert Tretiak, Nevada Senate Leader Mike

IEC has provided Energy Audits and contracted and project managed
obtaining the first LEED Gold Certification for Existing Buildings from the
USGBC in the State of Nevada at the Lexus of Las Vegas dealership.  The
project achieved a 44.35% reduction in energy usage
Click on link below
Lexus of Las Vegas awarded LEED Gold
Energy Efficiency Retrofits—IEC has represented and implemented
numerous energy efficiency retrofits in the State of Nevada.

Motor efficiency energy optimization equipment through the use of
MotorBoss on energy inefficient motors.

LED LIGHTING—IEC implemented the first high-bay LED lighting project
in Nevada in a 400,000 square foot liquor distributor warehouse, achieving
energy savings of 84%, payback of 0.72 years, and lifecycle ROI of nearly
Click here to view local CBS affiliate coverage of the installation
LED High-Bay warehouse installation
IEC has facilitated 3rd Party Financing of energy efficiency retrofits
IEC has facilitated obtaining of energy effiicency utility rebates
IEC has facilitated obtaining of tax credits and tax abatements
IEC is a proponent of On-Bill Financing/On-Bill Tariffs and is working to implement this
cutting edge means of allowing customers to pay for energy efficient technologies as they
use them, making a cost-effective value proposition to end users, as well as allowing utilities
to generate profits to replace their lost revenues, and providing extremely low-default paper
to financing entities.  Find out about
Generate profits from Negawatts
Find out about ENERGY $EN$E.
Click here to download SWEEP Press Release
Click here to download NV Energy sponsored IEC energy efficient
LED lighting project at the Nevada Legislature in Carson City
NVEnergy M&V Report--LEDs at State Legislature
Utilities Programs
Financial Institutions